Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Celebrating another year . . . .

I almost missed it! And when you miss an occasion that celebrates a personal achievement, that is not a good thing. So today, being about 3 days late, I want to mark this day to acknowledge this month of March 2016 being the third year of my blog, “How to Create a Family Museum.”  Last year I posted this blog and would like to offer it up again for you to peruse some of my favorite posts from 2014.

In keeping with the spirit of recalling, I would like to offer a selection of favored posts from 2015 and this time to make it convenient to review, I added the link that will take you directly to that post. One thing I have  learned over these past years blogging is that the longer I blog the more I learn how to write it better and figuring out all the nuances of blogging. Being self-taught, it is taking me some time to figure it all out, and hopefully I am will continue to get better at it as time goes on. So enjoy these blogs from the past year.
Thank you for taking the time to read these pasts posts and I hope that they have inspired you to create Your Family Museum.

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Melanie Garell said...

Good stuff...thanks for all the hard work.