Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter Monday!

How time does fly as the winds of March blow in the springtime. Gardens are getting planted, pollen is in the air, and the bees and hornets are becoming pests again, especially when you sit outside, drinking something sweet. Then some cool temperatures and lots of rain change plans and make you shut your windows again. So as the season changes and plans are being made for summertime, all of the projects you had going on during the winter take a back seat. But instead of this happening, particularly regarding your Family Museum, this would be a good time to evaluate what you have achieved so far.

This is also a good time to make a list of the events planned for the summer and what those times may result in new items to put into your museum.

Because space is always an issue, be selective in what you want to add to your museum. If space is an issue, perhaps during the summer you can look for another display unit that can become an extension of your Family Museum.

There are so many yard sales, estate sales, and antique store sales, you may very well find that special unit that will fit in nicely with your d├ęcor and offer a new place to display and protect you heirlooms.  

For the month of April, I will blog some unusual days including “Record Store Day,” ”Children’s Book Day,” and the familiar Earth & Arbor Days. Every one of these days can evoke memories and maybe an heirloom or two that you can put in your Family Museum. So enjoy these last few days In March and get ready for good times in April.

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