Monday, April 20, 2015

Absence makes the heart grow fonder . . .

Hi to all my blog readers. As you may be aware of my two-week absence, let me explain why.  My family is planning a trip aboard and for the past two weeks, we have been mapping out our travel agenda. Mixing a family event with other destinations, doing the work of a travel agent is intense but fun. When we get back, I will share some of the sites we visited and how the souvenir’s we all plan on buying will ultimately reside in our family museum.  
Meanwhile, during this month of April,  not only did spring showers drench our yards and gardens, the pollen from the trees, particularly pines, is leaving layers of fine yellow organic dust on everything. I love opening our windows to let in the fresh air, but as the breeze blows in, so does the pollen. Gladly, it will be gone hopefully by the end of the month. Then the cleanup begins. Washing down the verandas, cars, outdoor furniture, not to mention just about every surface in the house. Because no matter how you try to keep the dust from coming in, there is no way you can eliminate it. Pollen is carried in on shoes, in hair, on clothes, grocery bags, even your pets! But alas, the pollen is not in our family museum. Keeping the doors shut does the trick. Yet, in the grandparent’s museum, not closed by doors, the pollen is everywhere. So I guess I know what I will be doing for the next week or so. Dust and sneeze, sneeze and dust!
Also, I want to blog about the so-called spring cleaning we all attempt to do. Most of that cleaning is necessary, however, when it comes to getting rid of family treasures, I put the dust cloth away and contemplate on the importance of keeping our treasures. I will address this thought this week. So put the boxes away for now and let’s take a good hard look at the memories that need to be saved, for that is what stuff is made of.

 Till then . . .

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