Saturday, December 31, 2016

Ready for the New Year? I am . . .

 . . . Because when something is new, you feel embolden to give it your best shot. That is what this New Year is going to be for me, giving it all I got to blog about the many reasons why everyone should have a Family Museum in their home and other places.  

There are many topics and stories I will share with you in hopes that they will inspire you to save your heritage for yourself and your family and all the generations that will follow. As I mentioned before, I am writing a book on my blog and with diligence and patience, it will be available as soon as possible.

And now that all the gifts have been opened, put in their proper places, don’t forget to put something of this Christmas and holiday season into your museum, wherever it is located or what it is in. If you need to put it away for later, that’s fine, but don’t forget about it. Jot down on your calendar what and where you saved it, so when you are ready to display it, it will be at your fingertips.

Life moves so fast sometimes, memories can become blurred like the scenery outside the car window as you speed along the highway. When you have to stop, do not look down at your phone, radio or any other thing that distracts you from looking out the window. Take that moment to take in the sight before you, taking a deep breath, stretching your arms and hands, and mostly your eyes, for there are so many things that we don’t see that need to be seen. So as you wait for the light to switch or take your turn at the stop sign, just look around.

As a gesture of appreciate and encouragement, I offer this, one of my most favorite songs that heartens you to look around. These words and melody always made me feel good and that is what I wish you to feel. So take this moment to listen and look around.

Written by Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman, Sergio Mendes, Copyright © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc. Spirit Music Group.


And what a great year this will be.


Elizabeth Goesel

Family Museum Curator

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Where did all the time go . . .

It seems like just yesterday it was Halloween. About 110 amazing costumed ghosts & goblins, movie stars, princesses, warriors, even politicians came to our house. The next morning, we took down the decorations, left pumpkins & bale of hay for 
Thanksgiving. Then for the next eight days, we finished packing for our family holiday to Florida, leaving after Election Day. We wanted to be home to watch Mr. Trump win! The next morning, with a new spring to our step, bags loaded into the car, off the four of us went to FL, making our first stop in Macon, GA to see the
Hay House, a pre-civil war mansion restored & opened to the public. This house is truly a Family Museum, showcasing and displaying the family’s history through the years. Magnificent!
Next day we arrived in FL, staying in a condo on Treasure Island Beach on the Gulf of Mexico.
We stayed for a week having fun on the beach & enjoying the sunsets. My dear friend Donna came for a few days and had a
great time walking on the beach
and taking in the warm sunshine having left a frigid Chicago. Sadly, she had to return, so we took her to the airport, said our goodbyes, then off we went on our holiday for another week, visiting St. Augustine, Charleston, NC,
Cape Hatteras, traveling by ferry to the Outer Banks, spending our last night in Kitty Hawk where we celebrated our 47th Wedding Anniversary. WOW! 

Arrived back home, the day before Thanksgiving. I was glad I bought the turkey before we went, so we had our Thanksgiving Holiday. The next day, out came the Christmas decorations, for we were hosting a Christmas Party with a sit-down dinner for 19 guests. So after putting up the decorations, setting up for the party, cleaning up after the party, in between trying to do some Christmas shopping, I was upset that I had not posted on my Family Museum Blog. But somehow I felt assured that there were many others who were just as busy if not more with jobs, school, family members, travel obligations, etc., allowing little time to read the blogs they enjoy.

So here are a few words to everyone who shares these dilemmas: hang in there! Christmas and all the special Holidays are almost here,
so please take the time to enjoy them, delight in them, and make lots of memories that need to go into your Family Museum, so you and your loved ones can remember and shared them for years to come.

  Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah!
Epiphany!  Boxing Day,   Kwanzaa,
Omisoka & Yule!

and all the other multicultural holiday celebrations.
Then after the gifts have been opened, the feasts consumed, the decorations put away for another year, and all the pictures and videos organized, please remember to display as much as you can, because these memories are your visible genealogy, which I will explain further in the New Year.
So from my family to yours, 
Merry Christmas!