Sunday, October 29, 2017

Here they come again. Little ghosts, goblins, aliens from outer space, Hollywood stars, and all sorts of other rascals, scamps, pixies, and pirates. And we are ready for them! Our house is now the house to go to. Last year we had 108 creatures and are expecting more this year. But besides the traditional candy treats, we are adding something so unusual that it just might catch on for others to replicate. And this idea solves a dilemma everyone is familiar with.
My post dated October 7th talked about participating in a flea market and how disappointing it was to end up bringing 99% of our goods back home. So as I was re-organizing this stuff once again, I got this idea of giving away all the little games, puzzles, and other fun things for Halloween. I wrapped these items in brown paper grocery bags, taped them up and place the packages in the basket with the bags of candy. (We put a small assortment of candy and chips in the bag with little practical gifts like pencils, toothbrushes, chalk, playdough, etc.) When the Halloween guest reaches into the basket, they have their choice of either a package or bag. Rest to sure, I know the gifts will go first because nobody will have anything like this.

So, next time you do not know what to do with all those little things, make them gifts as a treat for your next Halloween.
And here are a few pictures of us from Halloween’s past, that are not only great memories, but the costumes are in our Family Museum to be handed down to the next generation.

When she was just a tot, we lived in Illinois where Halloween was always cold. So we put her in her winter coat and draped it with a while sheet, and voila, she was a ghost. As she ran from house to house, she spread her ghostly arms and laughed. When she was about twelve years old, Laura Ingles was her idol, so I made her a prairie outfit complete with bonnet and pigtails. She wore this for several Halloweens until she outgrew it.    
Star Wars was very popular, hence just about every young kid wanted to be Luke Skywalker. This was a usual character for him to be as he was into trains and sea-going vessels, not spaceships, but he had a great time. His costume is tucked away in our Family Museum and perhaps someday, his little boy or girl will want to save the world.

And then there is us; a real rock-n-roll couple out to have a roaring good time. His black tee-shirt was designed by our daughter and my black leather jacket was the real thing, silver studs and all. We went to a party and danced the night away. His tee-shirt still hangs in his closet and my jacket is stored away, for sadly it doesn’t fit any more. But perhaps someday, I will give it to a family member of the next generation.
Some things are just too priceless to give away, and as I have said all along, don’t give your memories away. Keep and display them.

Happy Halloween!   


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