Monday, September 4, 2017

Labor Day 2017

Where did this summer go? What did you and family and friends do? Where did you go? What did you see? The days were long, the sun shone all day, rains came and went, gardens grew, and visitor’s came and went, and on and on the days passed by. So again, where did the summer go?
As for mine and as you can tell, I did not post a blog since July 19th. I feel rueful, but I have to tell myself that my absence will be hopefully overlooked for the following reason: I received a publishing offer for my Family Museum book. From that moment on, I have been occupied just about every day getting all that which a book is made of together for the editor. The book consists off a wide selection of my blog posts, which at that point I have a been writing for several years, compiling a measurable amount of stories, pictures, advice and directions on how to create a Family Museum in your home and other places. Currently, it is still a work-in-progress, but getting close to a publishing date. I will be thrilled to announce on my blog when it will be available for sale through the publisher’s website and Amazon, in libraries and bookstores. So stay tuned!
So today is Labor Day, the last day of the summer season and the beginning of a new school year, though some have already been in school. Therefore, take this time to celebrate this moment in time with a picnic, day at the pool or amusement park, and probably last minute shopping. And when the summer’s dust has settled, the air turns cooler and the days get shorter, plans are already being made for the upcoming holidays. This would also be a good time to gather up those precious memories you and your family made this summer and start your Family Museum. Take some time to peruse past blog posts that offer advice and direction on how to create the space for your museum. Take your time, be thoughtful and know how important it is to save and protect your family’s heritage. And the joy all will feel when it is lovingly displayed.  
Have a great day and remember the work you do for yourself and your family is really a Labor of Love.
Happy Labor Day to you all!