Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween Memories


We finally finished decorating the front yard, putting the Jack-o-Lanterns in our windows and assembled about 100 bags, each containing several pieces of candy and a few trinkets. Then we stapled the bags shut and placed them in a very big basket that will be on the front porch on Halloween. On that night, the neighborhood ghosts & goblins come up onto the porch and pick their bag. Wow! What fun they have and so do we, talking with the kids and asking them to tell us about their costumes. And some of these creations are really awesome!
Our family does this every year and look forward to it. But perhaps you ask what does Halloween have to do with creating a family museum?  Good question. Answer is that the Halloween holiday, like most holidays, conjure up memories, and memories and memorabilia are what is displayed in a family museum. Most likely, these recollections are in photographs which are framed, in an album or scrapbook that resides on book shelves. But this Halloween, put whatever is kept from this day into your family museum. For example, something from the costumes worn along with a picture of the person wearing the costume. If a party was given or attended, save the prize won or the trinket from the event.

Our children are adults now, but the memories of their Halloween days are kept in our family museum. I just wish I had more room to display the costumes they wore, and though they are not displayed, they have been saved and are stored under the museum shelves for perhaps a future use. (A grandchild?) Today, these costumes are probably considered vintage, so not only is there sentimental value, there is some monetary value, as well. Charlie loved Star Wars, so he wore a Obi Wan Kenobi and Tiffeni adored Little House on the Prairie and I made this costume for her. She played in it as well, so it got a lot of use.  So now when this Halloween is over, save something from it to enjoy and share the memories. Happy Halloween for now, and look for special post on that day.  

As you know from previous posts, I always like to add some edifying tidbits FYI. Here are some on the history of Halloween.   Enjoy!                   

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