Monday, October 5, 2015

October - the FUN month!

Hello October!

Did you know that today is National Do Something Nice Day?   
I didn’t even know this, but as in the past, I like to begin each new month highlighting the special days in that month. Of course, the main attraction is Halloween, but like today, there are so many interesting and even a little bit weird days of recognition this month. If you are curious, go to   Of the 120 days of designation, there are really too many I like to mention here, so I encourage you to check it out and have fun finding your favorite day.
So today being ‘Do Something Nice Day,’ I sent my dear friend a box of fresh sweet banana peppers that were growing in profusion in our garden. There was no way our family could eat them all, so I sent her a bunch, including two large green peppers.

So what do all these holidays have to do with creating your family museum? Lots! October is the first month of the holiday months, with Thanksgiving in November and the Christmas season in December. These next three months have an energy of their own that produce crafty and artistic creations that hopefully will be preserved in your family museum. Particularly children’s handcrafts they make for their Halloween costumes, drawings of turkeys, holiday gifts for friends & family.
Over the years my kids have contributed many artistic endeavors that would fill up a museum. And there are many ways these items can be preserved and displayed, giving pleasure for all for years. I will post on this subject with pictures and suggestions. Meanwhile, do something nice today!

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