Friday, October 23, 2015

Mini-Museums in a Shadowbox

While shopping at Michael’s Arts & Crafts Store, I found a fabulous shadowbox. Commodious in size (11”x14”x3.5” deep), front-loading glass door, cream backer board, and both horizontal and vertical hangers on the back. I want to create a special display for it, and though it may take me some time, when it’s finished, I will post it.  

I have several shadowboxes in my Family Museum, beautifully and artistically displaying while protecting an assortment of keepsakes. Here is one with my husband’s baby shirt that his mom kept in her hope chest for years and when she started to go through all of the heirlooms in the chest, she found this and gave it to him and I put it in the shadowbox. The other one displays bits-&-pieces of jewelry I collected over the years.

Life is full of special moments that were saved with keepsakes, photos and collections. Preserve and protect them in a personalized shadowbox for yourself or as a gift to someone you love, place them on shelf, hang the shadowbox on a wall, or put it in your Family Museum.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create your shadowbox:
1.      Focal point: object you want to draw attention to (your centerpiece).  
·         A memento, souvenir, keepsake, artifact, historical object
·         A collection item from a hobby (pursuit/ pastime) or study
·         A photograph, letter, newspaper headline, postcard, art image
·         A artistic rendering (painting, drawing, needlework, sculpture)

2.      Background: shadowbox backer (usually included) or your choice.
·         Scrapbook paper, gift-wrapping paper, wallpaper samples
·         Fabric, clothing remnant such as an image from a t-shirt  
·         Paper such as maps, newspaper, sheet music (found at antique stores)

3.      Attaching items: decide whether you want a permanent or temporary fix. Try:
·         Pins or Photo corners, double-sided removable scrapbooking tape
·         Double-stick foam mounting tape, Velcro hook-and-loop tape
·         Hot and/or craft glue, Photo Mount acid-free adhesive
·         Magnets with foam adhesive (many sizes)

4.      Details: add items to accent the focal point
·         Photos of a special moment that gives emphasis to
·         Found objects that highlight the focal point
·         Ribbon, flowers, or buttons that accent the treasure
·         Use letter to make a word, name or date that draw attention

5.      Be creative: There are many ingenious ways to use and display shadowbox(s).
Hang several shadowboxes on a wall. Put one or several items in each shadowbox and arrange them for a striking wall display;  such as this Triptych.
A completed shadowbox makes a great gift! Personalize any display case based on the recipient’s interests.     
Display vintage items to create unique wall art. kitchenware, books,  game and toy pieces, one or a pair of shoes, small clothing, jewelry  
Military medals, flags, photos, arms collection, uniform hats, etc.
Sports memorabilia: baseballs, footballs, helmets, jerseys

Special events: wedding pieces, birth announcements, Award ceremonies, family reunions, homecoming, road trips, graduations, commemorations.

No matter what, who, when or why you create a shadowbox, you are capturing a bit of history, or as the name implies, a trace of memory that recalls that moment in time, all neatly wrapped in a box with a window to see it all.            Enjoy!

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