Thursday, May 1, 2014

Americana & Art Collecting

Collecting Americana encourages people to learn, to be enlightened and to understand America’s heritages. Collecting can be either a hobby or a serious endeavor. It depends on what is collected and why. A passion for the activity could start in childhood and carry on through adulthood. We might even consider that there is a collector in all of us. Here is a category list of some of the items people collect. See anything here that you collect? 

Old Bottles
Cat Collectibles
Coca-Cola Memorabilia
Disney Figurines
Old Vintage Antique Signs
    Antique & Vintage Cans
    Vintage Wine Collection
    Silver Coins, Medals
    Vintage Magazines
    Hummel Figurines
    Sterling Silver
    Teddy Bears

Collecting Art does begin at an early age. Just think about some of the art projects you did throughout your educational years that you may have saved. As your style and taste developed, you may have started to focus on one or several art styles and periods. When you could, perhaps you purchased an art work for your apartment or home. Eventually, your collection grew. 

My favorite art form was Impressionistic paintings. The colors, textures, subject matters, all appealed to me. And for whatever or why you falling love with a work of art, buy it, take it home and enjoy it.

There are many types of collectible art other than the tried and true: paintings, sculptures, and drawings to mention a few. Such as Concert Event & Vintage Posters – Limited Edition Prints.

FYI, here are a few art collecting tips for beginning art collectors as well as for the experienced and a few good reminders for anyone interested in art or already collecting art. Most of all buy art because you like it, because it moves you. Art enhances life. 
* Visit as many art galleries as you can. Gallery staff can be
   helpful guides in your art education.
* Get on gallery mailing lists so you'll be invited to openings and
   special events.
* Visit and join your local art museums and non-profit art
   centers. Curators sometimes give lectures on collecting art.
* Attend National and International Art Fairs and Art Expos
   whenever possible.

* If you know art collectors, talk to them and find out what they
   know and what they've learned about collecting art.
* Read books on art history and books about collecting art.

* Subscribe to a few art magazines.
* Working with a professional art advisor/art consultant is a
   good way to learn about art collecting, and they will guide
   you through the process of purchasing art.

* Read reviews by local and national art critics, keeping in mind
   that reviews usually just reflect one person’s opinion.
* Most of all, protect your collection with museum-like

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