Saturday, March 5, 2016

Quirky things in our Family Museum . . .

My posts for this breezy sometimes windy month of March will be about some of the more odd and usual things we saved in our Family Museum. These items attract our guest’s attention when they see the museum and inspire many a conversation filled with memories.

First quirky item is my husband’s Risdon Key-Tag Pin from his Navy days. Here is a picture of the 5” nickel-plated brass pin.

As the story goes, Keith handed me this pin and asked me if I knew what it was. “A very large safety pin,” I replied, handing it back to him. Then I asked, “Where did you find it?” Laughing he said, “In my tool box.” “What was it doing there?” Fiddling with the pin, Keith said, “Don’t know. It was just there.” Handing me back the pin he asked, “Do you want to put it in the museum?” “You bet!”

Here is a little history about the pin. It was issued to Keith when he enlisted in the Navy in 1972, along with his uniforms, personal items and duffle bag, as well as the pin and laundry bags. Keith was efficient in handling his personal laundry, not like other recruits whose mothers and sisters took care of their laundry. Here is a picture of him folding his clothes.
There are many other items from his 27-year Navy career retiring as Chief Petty Officer. He still has the duffle bag, somewhere, even some uniforms that no longer fit him. There are albums of photographs from many Ports-of-Call, medals, ribbons and Certificates. All of this memorabilia is important to him and our family. 

As you select and display your treasures for your Family Museum, take special care of the military careers proudly serviced that made and continues to make America great!

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