Saturday, September 19, 2015

All the Grandparents . . .

German & Norwegian and Italian & Lithuanian . . . what a melting pot of nationalities and heritage. So many different cultures, customs and legacies to be proud of and cherished. Tiffeni & Charlie are both fortunate to have known their grandparents, Tif longer then Charlie, and because of our Family Museums, their memories are safe and never forgotten.

From their father’s side, many Norwegian customs are still alive today. At Christmas time, their father makes a traditional Norwegian breakfast of Norwegian pancakes. Gramma Goesel loved Little House on the Prairie stories and passed down her books to Tiffeni who still has them.
From the German side, Grandpa Goesel was a builder and during the Depression, he made wooden trucks and sold them at the local hardware store. He made trucks for all of his children and grandchildren.
From their mother’s side, Italian food is the best. Most recipes have garlic, basil and tomatoes. Pasta is the best, so is pizza. Many traditional Italian holidays are embraced and celebrated.
Unfortunately, not many Lithuanian traditions have been passed down. But grandpa kept many letters and photographs of his family that were saved and with assistance from interpreters, many things were learned about this side of the family. And because Grandpa was in WWII, Charlie developed an historian’s heart with his interest in naval history.    

Here are a few pictures of the grandparents my children had the pleasure of knowing and loving.
Marvin & Gladys on their wedding day and during their retirement.
Bill & Dorothy on their  wedding day and during their retirement.

This concludes my posts for honoring grandparents.
If you do not preserve, protect and display your family’s histories and heirlooms, who would you be today?
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