Friday, August 7, 2015

Blog to Book . . .

Hi everyone. Thanks for reading my blog How to Create a Family Museum.  

The purpose of the blog is to inspire, encourage and motivate you on how to preserve, protect and display your family’s history. It is vitally important to do so, and if you have yet to do so, start today. It is only too late if your history has been disposed of; and I am not talking just about things like souvenirs, collectibles, objet d'art, novelties, bits and pieces, odds and ends – another word stuff, if that word rings a more familiar bell. I am talking about all of these things and more; the everyday things used in the past and present that need to be saved for the future, because it is history, your history, and all of it has a story to tell – your story. 
I have been writing this blog for over a year, however, compared to some who have been writing their blogs for years, my time is not very long. But that’s OK. All of my posts are thoughtfully written and visually educational. As of this date, there are 116 posts covering everything you need to know on how to create your family museum. Being traditionally minded, I am conservative when it comes to social networking sites, so as the saying goes, “I have put all of eggs in one basket,” my blog. However, it is now time that I count those eggs and turn them into pages in a book to expand my message and help you save your history.
Now, I am not talking about another how-to book on home organization, storage, de-cluttering, downsizing, re-purposing, etc. Though there is a plethora of advice in those books, as well as online help, in newspaper articles and on television shows, they all have one thing in common – establishing some orderliness in your life and home. That’s good and necessary to keep your living space clean or organized, however, by doing so you may, even sometimes unintentionally, throw away, get rid of, or donate something near and dear to you or someone else, resulting in a loss of valuable memories and memoirs that literally make you who you are.
So as you organize whatever mess, clutter, disorder, jumble and jam, and are needing to confront, face up to, tackle head on, and deal with, this is the time to set aside your precious things and create a place in your home, even your office, that is designated as a showplace, a personal museum, that will display, protect, and preserve your history.
I truly believe making a book available to my readers with all the how-to instructions, pictures, renderings and narratives that appear on my blog will guide you to creating this very special place in your home and in your family’s life. Once the book is published, it will be available for purchase at bookstores and online booksellers which I will provide links to. And I will continue to write my blog offering edifying information and entertaining quips that keeps on inspiring and encouraging you to create your family museum.      
Please and thank you for your support and comments.   Liz 
(Mockup of cover design; subject to change)  


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