Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

We finally finished decorating the front yard, putting the Jack-o-Lanterns in our windows and assembled about 95 bags, each containing several pieces of candy and a few trinkets. Then we fasten the bags shut, put a cute sticker on each bag, and then place all the bags in a very big basket that sits on the front porch. Wow! Our family does this every year and honestly look forward to it. But perhaps you ask what does Halloween have to do with creating a family museum?  Good question. Answer is that the Halloween holiday, like most holidays, conjure up memories, and memories, momentums and memorabilia are what creates and is displayed in a family museum. Most likely, these recollections are in photographs which are framed or hopefully in an album or scrapbook that resides in the museum achieves. On Keith’s and my side of the museum, sad to say neither of us have anything from our Halloween Days. However, we do have a few photographs and they are fun to look at. Our kids museum side it is pretty much the same. Photographs of them in costume when they were little. I think the reason for the lack of physical things is because Halloween does not produce things to keep. The holiday is all about the candy and we know where that goes. Therefore, this nonexistence of memorabilia leaves nothing behind to display.

However, I do have some memories to share with you of a time when our son Charlie, worked at Busch Gardens as a member of their Scare Squad during their Howl-O-Scream event.  And boy! Could he give you a scare. With his loud resonating operatic voice, he would bellow out a great Bela Lugosi howl, making you jump and shiver with fright. One year he dressed up like a zombie and would quietly creep behind the park visitor and when they least expected it, he would bello out his spine-chilling howl. He even scared me! Keith and I would stand back and watch him. We laughed and enjoyed this actor in him come live. When we entered his scary world, Charlie tried to scare me, but I wouldn’t have any of it. But fun was had by all.  

Halloween is also a great time to watch scary movies, however, we are not fans of the gory ones. We like the funny and sophisticated movies. Like Bell, Book & Candle, Arsenic & Old Lace, and The Ghost & Mrs. Muir. Another movie we love watching is Hocus Pocus and listening to the song Sarah Jessica Parker sings while fling on her broomstick, "Come Little Children." Did you know that song was written by poet Edgar Allan Poe?
As you know from previous posts, I always like to add some edifying tidbits FYI. Here is some on the history of Halloween. Enjoy!                   









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