Thursday, January 28, 2016

January Note . . .

Hello and Happy New Year to all my blog readers. I can’t believe that January as come and about to go so quickly. As a kid I always found January to be a long dreary month after all the holiday activities. Living in the Midwest, the weather didn’t help either.  
But as an adult with an active family, time moves quickly, even when retired, which frankly, I will most not likely do in a long time. Idle time is the worse time that can drag you down, however, it is also a good time to reassess, reexamine and reconsider all the things you put off for another time.
So that is what I have been up to this month, as it was not in my power to do otherwise because I came down with severe bronchitis which kept me down for several weeks. In fact, I couldn’t even take down the Christmas tree and decorations until last week. Not only that, I couldn’t focus on writing, hence, the absence of a weekly posting.  So I thank you for your patience and also to see that though there were no new
posts, viewers have been reading past posts which makes me happy.  There are so many past posts that offer a lot of information, directions and stories to keep a viewer well informed. So now that I am fully recovered and had the time to gather more ideas to post, you can expect that February will be an active blogging month. So stay tune and watch out for these posts, for February has much to offer with all the activities coming: Groundhog Day, Chinese New Year, President’s Day and Valentine’s Day. Hope your January has been productive.
Till next month, remember to be thoughtful with your family history. It’s the only one you have, so take care of it.

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