Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tiffeni's Museum

When a teen, Tif had a historian’s heart. She acquired a passion for antiques, especially from America's pioneer years. When we lived in St. Petersburg, FL, the two of us would visit all the antique shops in town, scouring for that special find. I recall one of her first discoveries was a pair of black button‑down shoes. She drove me crazy when she first saw them. She just had to have them!
After she accumulated several items, she asked her father to build her a shelf that wrapped around her bedroom for her to display her antiques. Little did I realize at that time her personal museum was created.  One of her shelves was dedicated to ‘Little House on the Prairie.” Tiffeni wanted to be Laura Ingles, to wiggle her toes in Plum Creek and ride in a Conestoga wagon.
When older, she turned her fancies to the Victorian & Edwardian periods. She adored, “Anne of Greene Gables.” She also has an unquenchable thirst for architecture. Her dream is to live in a Bungalow.
All of these interests are displayed in her side of the children’s museum she shares with her younger brother, Charlie. She loved her dolls. One she named Laura which is a ‘Doll by Pauline.’ Pussycat by ‘Madame Alexander.’ And her now rare Sasha Dolls.
Baby toys, a denim jacket covered in buttons declaring her opinion, an autographed album by Mister Rogers, and a rare Sesame Street character group. And books. Tons of books. Even a tress of her hair.

Last year at this time I rearranged our family museum and in the process, added more items and put some away for further safe keeping. Every now and then, new-old things are added and lovingly displayed among the plethora of keepsakes that Tif will forever keep close to her heart and one day, pass down to her family.

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