Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Vintage Clothes – School Days

Vintage Clothing
Doesn’t that sound classic, so first-rate!
I thought I would start a new blog posting featuring vintage clothing, and what better piece of clothing could I start out with than my 1956-57 school skirt I could have worn on my first day back to school, which today is the first day back to school for many kids.
Do you remember what you wore on your first day back to school?
I had attended the John L. March Elementary School in South Chicago, from 1955 to 1960. The school still thrives today and has a very long history. My mother’s family all attended Marsh, as it was simply called then.  

This is my skirt. I remember wearing it often, as I did not have a wardrobe of means. I think it had two long jumper straps because inside the waist band are buttons that held the straps in place. I think I remember them always falling down, too. I also had a white blouse with short puffy sleeves.  
I can’t remember where my mom bought the skirt, but I do remember shopping at Montgomery Ward in Chicago. We use to get their big catalogues in the mail and I remember flipping through the black & white and colored pages picking out mostly the toys I wanted. Heck with school clothes!  

Today with vintage clothing being popular, I wonder if there are any skirts like the one I had available for sale. One such vintage shop is online. It’s called Mod Cloth. There website is http://www.modcloth.com.
It’s lots of fun looking at vintage clothing.
I wonder if the clothes kids wear today will ever be considered Vintage? I think not but I could be wrong. After all, fashion is in the eye of the beholder?
Tomorrows Vintage: Sunday Dress  

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