Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Vintage Clothes - Sunday Dress

Sundays at our house were very traditional. Living in a very ethnic (Italian, Polish, Yugoslavian, Irish, Mexican) neighborhood on the south side of Chicago in the 1950s, we all had one thing in common – we all went to church on Sunday. My family was Catholic and we attended the Sacred Heart Catholic Church every Sunday. Everyone dress their Sunday best. Especially on the holy days.

I loved this red, white & blue patriotic dress, at least what I remember of it. My favorite color was and still is red. And I loved poke-a-dots and red ribbons. I think this was an Easter Dress because it had a coat and hat. I no longer have the coat and hat or gloves, but somehow the dress was saved.
Here is a picture of me and my brother, Eddie, in our church clothes. What a cute brother-and-sister we were; me in my red poke-a-dot dress with its navy blue coat and little hat and white gloves! When did a little girl last wear white gloves? And him in his corduroy pants, white shirt and bow tie.

Just for the fun of it, here we are in our everyday clothes. Now, that’s what I’m talking about. Gosh, we both look like we just got off the boat.
Even better than this is the one of just me. Can’t imagine what I was thinking, but hey, dig those shoes! Now this outfit is what I call style . . . shabby clothes and fancy shoes. The shoes were hand-me-downs from my cousin Margy. She was a rich kid. But I had STYLE!

In my Family Museum, I do not have the space to display the few vintage clothing pieces I have. Those that are displayed are absolutely fun to see and talk about. The others are wrapped in tissue paper and stored in boxes under the top shelf. If a time came about when the subject of vintage clothing would come up, I have easy access to them. I wish I had saved more of my clothes, but alas, they are gone. However, I learned my lesson and when it came to saving my children’s baby clothes and favorite outfits, I made sure I did so and now they have a fine collection of clothing memories.

It is never too late to save and if and when you pursue an antique clothing store and you see something you had as a child and would like to have it again, do yourself a favor and get it. Bring it home and proudly display it in Your Family Museum.  Have fun with your memories!

P.S. There are many websites that specialize in vintage clothing. Here is one that covers much more than clothing. Take a look.

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