Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wednesday Wishes

What do you wish you had but no longer do?

There is a common expression in English usually in response to someone making excuses all the time, meaning you cannot change the past. Yes, you could've done something, but you didn't... or you should've done something, but you didn't... or you would've done something, but you didn't. "Should've, would've, could've," but you didn't... now you have to pay the consequences.

That pretty much sums it up. I could have been more astute when things were being given or thrown away. I should have asked more questions about family members before they or the ones who knew about them passed away. I would have been more attentive if it were not for being distracted by things that turned out to be not important after all.
So now what do I do?
Start over!
Make a long list of the things lost. Reach into your memory and try to remember that time ago when you had it, what did you do with it, where could it be now. Stop longing to do something and do it now! Go to antique stores, secondhand shops, garage and yard sales, and find those missing things you long for. Bring it home, clean it up, and incorporate it with the other things that you cherish.       

Now, can this thing tell a story . . . your story? Make it special. Welcome it into your heart and don’t feel bad that it is not the original. As the idiom says, one person’s garbage is another’s treasure. And once you have given the new treasure a provenance . . .  the source and ownership history of your find . . . you will be proud to show it off and tell your story. What fun! Go for it! Enjoy the discovery!
And guess what? Your Wednesday wish came true.

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