Monday, August 25, 2014

Closets & Shelving

Find a closet that is not already filled to the gills? An extra closet? I have to be kidding. Right? Well, I thought the same way. My closet space was minimal and stuffed to the maximum. After I brought down everything from the attic, the boxes lived in the hallway for weeks. It was a daunting task to divide and conquer, and to find everything a place and a place for it all. My toes begged me to do something about it after they suffered numerous collisions with the boxes.

The trick about taking an overstuffed closet and turning it into display space for your family museum is having some kind of space to transfer the closet’s paraphernalia. To meet the demands of both ample closet space and sufficient space for display purposes, invest in shelving, wall cabinets and/or module closet systems. All offer many options and designs for the closet space to be configured and adapted into a display unit. Custom-built shelves can be placed in other rooms: laundry, bathroom, other closets, the basement, attic, and the garage for storage.
Linen closets make the best space for a museum because they already have shelves and lighting. After you cleared it out, if the shelves are wire, replace them with solid shelving boards. Replace standard sliding closet doors with decorative interior or bi-fold French glass doors. This allows for viewing and the light from within illuminates the hallway. 

By combining form and function with extraordinary design, reach-in and walk-in closets can be transformed into an organized display and storage of family heirlooms instead of a dysfunctional space. Where ever you create your family museum, it will be an inspiring and gorgeous space that will bring a visually stunning and timeless beauty to your home. 

And don’t forget to hang a sign embellished with Your (Family Name) Museum.

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