Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thursday Toys

My husband, Keith, has many of his childhood toys in the museum. There is a pair of Colt 45 play guns, his cowboy and Indian figures, and his uniform from the Awana Pioneers. Space guns and an Oscar Myer Weiner Whistle among many others..
     Keith was the youngest of five children and coming from a big family, gifts were few. But there was this one wealthy relative who gave great Christmas presents. When Keith went to his grandmother's house one Christmas, and after the gifts were passed out, he couldn't believe he got a really big box. A big box usually meant a big expensive gift. Knowing it came from his wealthy uncle, Keith was very excited. He knew it had to be a great gift. Upon its unwrapping, he couldn't believe his eyes.  Big Max Electromagnet, arm-lift, conveyor. Batteries included.
     Big Max was a yellow robot with one red eye and a green light on his head. Three levers made his body, his arms, and one big claw move in all sorts of directions while the conveyor belt moved small objects that Max could pick up. Keith played with Max for years, challenging him to some strenuous maneuvers. Every time he looks at Max, he goes down memory lane.
     Sometimes, as he gazed into the museum, he would get misty eyed when he would look upon the wooden trucks and boats his father made. Marvin was an excellent carpenter. During WWII, toy trucks were not available. So Marvin fulfilled those needs by making toy trucks out of scrap wood for a local hardware store.

                    He also made fabulous remote‑control speed boats and airplanes.
During their summer vacations at Big Stone Lake in Minnesota, Marvin and Keith would race them. His father is gone now, but with nothing more than a light touch upon the toys, Keith can feel his father's presence and keep him in his heart forever.

The happiness Keith feels when he looks at his toys in the family museum is hard to discribe. In today's fast-paced world, it is a challenge to find the time to ponder on past enjoyments. But when you can actually see and touch those precious
toys and other childhood treasures, you are giving yourself a gift of time to enjoy life. So, go find your old toys and put them in your family museum and maybe take a Thursday now and then to enjoy them.

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