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Thanks for the Memories - Scrapbooks

Lizzie's Modeling Book

Scrapbooking is a method for preserving personal and 
family history in the form of a scrapbook. Photograph, 
autograph, stamp, sticker, wedding, baby and more
are subjects for scrapbooks. Do you have one or
several? And where are they now? There are many in
our family museum, but sadly not on display because 
of their sizes. 

Tiffeni's Betsey McCall Scrapbook

History of Scrapbooking 
                                                                        From Wikipedia
  In the 15th centurycommonplace
  books popular in England, emerged
  as a way to compile information that 
  included recipes, quotations, letters,
  poems and more. Each commonplace
  book was unique to its creator's
  particular interests.

  Additionally, friendship albums and school
  yearbooks afforded girls in the 18th and 19th
  centuries an outlet through which to share
  their literary skills and allowed girls an
  opportunity to document their own
  personalized historical record previously
  not readily available to them.

Pictures for Modeling Composite
The advent of modern photography began with the first permanent photograph created by Joseph Niepce in 1826. This allowed the average person to begin to incorporate photographs into their scrapbooks. They also often included bits of memorabilia like newspaper clippings, letters, etc.

Modern scrapbooking in the United States
Marielen Christensen of Elk Ridge, Utah, is often credited with turning scrapbooking from what was once just the age-old scrapbook hobby into the actual industry containing businesses devoted specifically to the sale and manufacturing of scrapbooking supplies. She began designing creative pages for her family's photo memories, inserting the completed pages into sheet protetors collected in 3-ring binders. By 1980, she had assembled over fifty volumes and was invited to display them at the World Conference on Records in Salt Lake City. Marielen and her husband A.J. authored and published a how-to book, Keeping Memories Alive, and opened a scrapbook store in Spanish Fork in 1981 that remains open today.

Charlie's Scrapbook
Charlie's Homeschool Projects
These days, scrapbooking can be done in so many ways. You can use beautiful colored paper, stickers, drawings, photos, and so many other supplies. Scrapbooking is like a visual diary, capturing all your creativity, thoughts feelings, and memories in a book.

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