Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Collecting vs. Saving . . .

Collecting stuff: Amassing, Accumulating, Expand, Magnify, thrill-of-the-hunt, Mount a Collection
Saving Things:   Treasuring, Cherishing, Appreciating, Respecting, Displaying, Telling a Life History

Which do you do? Perhaps both. And that is fine. For example, I have an ongoing search for Mexican Feather Craft. Every time I going to an antique store, I search in vein trying to find one. The hunt for one is the most exciting part and then bringing it home. (Many times I receive these famed birds-of-a-feather from my kids who love to find them for me and surprise me. And they do often). The second part of the thrill of collecting is when you add it to the collection you have. As time goes on I begin to notice how many I have of them and think sometimes perhaps I should not collect them any longer. I ask myself, what am I going to do with them if I have to move or downsize? Does anyone else want them? All very good questions. Do I have the answers? Yes!   

However, in opposition to collecting there is saving . . . as in Creating a Family Museum. This is the place where collections do not go, other than a small and varied grouping of likewise items, such as childhoods keepsakes, souvenirs from special occasions, items of clothing, heirlooms from grandparents, school day mementoes, and many more elements and particulars that should be kept, set-aside, protected, at times may even need rescuing and salvaging so the value and significance is reclaimed and in the process a life history is rediscovered.  Yet questions are asked: Where to put and how to create a family museum. Do I have the answers? Yes!

Everyday starting next Monday, I am going to post a story from both sides of the aisle: collection vs. saving. There will be my take and links that inform you on many of the aspects and to hopefully enlighten you on some of the things people collect and many of the ways people save. So log on.

Till then . . . The Family Museum Curator

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