Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A month for Celebrations . . .

June . . . the month for caps & gowns and brides & grooms.
Graduations and weddings are celebrated: we applaud, rejoice, and party. Both of these times also generate memories. And it is these remembrances; the gifts, cards, photographs, souvenirs, etc., all should be saved to go into the Family Museum now or in your future.

Top of our Wedding Cake
In our Family Museum, there are keepsakes, reminders, and even a few relics that give us the opportunity to recall those times. Many hold a mixed bag of feelings; both good and some that lag in the back of our collective memory. Here are a few of them we still cherish:
Keith's High School keepsakes

From Lizzie's High School reunion
Our daughters diploma’s & tassel, and son’s school day keepsakes.
All take up little space in the museum yet hold abundant recollections. So save the reminders, souvenirs and gifts, all of which contributes to
Your Family history.  

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