Monday, July 14, 2014


Adding to the past posts about Mother’s Day & Father’s Day, and The Fourth of July, Birthdays are personal holidays deserving recognition. Therefore, today’s post is about my birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LIZ!

So what does a birthday have to do with a family museum? Everything! Such as? You may ask. The place to save and display all the gifts, keepsakes, cards and such that you and your family members have received for their birthdays.
Perusing our museum, I was amiss at finding out that there were not many things saved from my past birthdays. I couldn’t even begin to recall the gifts I received from only a few years ago, nevertheless 40 years ago. However, there were all those greeting cards saved, so I took out my card box and picked out a few.
 Sadly, there were no cards saved from my childhood.   
The oldest card was from my parents given to me 44 years ago. I turned twenty that year, was a new bride and mother. I guess that was enough to garner a card-full of emotional sentiment.
Two cards from my daughter, Tiffeni. The tiger card was dated 1993 telling me that I was one terrific tiger and a note about a trip to Chicago. The card with the cat in the glass dated 2000 had a really great quote. “Age is a matter of mind. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter!” The card with the cat licking her chops was from a dear friend who shares my Chinese zodiac sign. What I find most interesting about these cards is their common denominator . . . CATS! It’s really great to know that my friends and family see me the same way. Hmmmmm.

As for birthday gifts, every birthday from ages 10 to 14, I received a Barbie doll or clothes. I had amassed quite a collection by time I became of that age when I was told to put my dolls away. And away they went for 50 years. Can you believe that!

A piece of jewelry was always a gift. What was saved I gathered and displayed in a shadow box along with other miscellaneous bubbles. The shadow box is available at The blue rhinestone ballerina was one of my favorite pins. I wore it often. The baby bracelet with charms spelling out my birthday month of July and a baby ring of a duck I can’t recall wearing them nor how they even got saved. The other pieces I will explain later. They all have their own stories to tell.   

So, today is my birthday. I will spending it with hubby Keith, Tiffeni & Charlie. There are many presents on the dining room table waiting for me to open. And you can be assured that I will save them all and put them in our family museum.
Note: The birthday cake art piece is compliments of Google. Thank you Google.


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