Monday, February 15, 2016

Past, Present & Future . . .

Though Valentine’s Day has passed, I hope yours was filled with flowers, candy & cards. This day is not only for couples expressing their feelings, it is about family and letting each one know how much they are thought of and to let them know that they are appreciated. And if the day passed without you expressing your feelings, it is never too late to do so. And I bet you will find flowers and candy on sale.  And don’t forget to keep those tokens of love in your Family Museum so you can visit them again.

Today is President’s Day and a time to ponder on our country’s honorable and gallant Commander-in-Chief’s that have led our country through good and bad times. The United States of America is a great nation. We all need to be respectful of it; the land, the people, the buildings.  One unsettling aspect of this day is the fact that many people do not know much about our President’s. American history is no longer in the forefront of educational instruction, so here is a list of our Presidents from Wikipedia:
Take heed and be mindful of this day. As George H.W.Bush said in this State of the Union Address in 1990: “You are our living link to the past. Tell your (children) and grandchildren the story of the struggles waged, at home and abroad. Of sacrifices made for freedom’s sake. And tell them your own story as well because (everybody) has a story to tell.”

And for the future – there are many other days this month that call attention to unusual subjects. Some are really strange; others would be fun to learn about. Here is an informative website for you to pursue.                  
Did you know the Violet is for February. Though spring will not be here for a while, always stop to smell the flowers, where ever they are. And keep on creating your Family Museum. The days will soon be getting longer and warmer, so before you get wrapped up in all the activities spring offers, keep going through those boxes and save, protect and display.

"Keep all special thoughts and memories for lifetimes to come. Share these keepsakes with other to inspire hope and build from the past, which can bridge to the future."     Mattie Stepanek

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