Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tuesday Treasures . . .

After reading, “After decades in heels, Barbie™ puts on flats,” written by Lindsay Wise, I had to comment, because Barbie™ has and will always be a treasure to me.  
Though Barbie™ still cannot stand alone, she can now finally feel steady on her feet. No longer does Barbie™ have to totter around on sky-high heels. She can finally kick off her stilettos and put on a pair of comfy flats. Since 1959, Barbie’s permanent arch has dropped to the ground and she can wear a flat shoe. Introduced this year, Barbie’s ankles can move and can still wear her high heels. Now, no matter how odd Barbie™ looks barefooted, wearing flats will make her feel better regardless of what careers Mattel has in store for her. My head spins just listing the 26 careers and counting this lovely lady has accomplished.   
 v  1959  Teenage fashion model
 v  1961  Registered nurse
 v  1965  Astronaut
 v  1973  Surgeon
 v  1975  Olympic athlete
 v  1984  Aerobics instructor
 v  1985  Veterinarian 
    v  1992  Rapper, Marine Corps Sergeant,      Business  executive 
     v  1993  Police Officer                              
         v  1995  Firefighter 
  v  1997  Dentist
  v  1999  Airline Pilot
    v  2006  Ballerina
  v  2007  Chef
  v  2008  Soccer Coach, Swim Instructor
 v  2010  Race Car Driver, News Anchor, Computer Engineer
 v  2011  Architect
 v  2012  Residential Candidate
 v  2014  Entrepreneur
 v  2015  In honor of the 50th Anniversary of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, the magazine teamed up with Barbie™ to feature this image in February. Mattel said the move was an effort to celebrate entrepreneurs such as Tyra Banks & Heidi Klum who like Barbie, “launched their career in a swimsuit."
I played with my Barbie™ dolls for many years. I got my first doll when I was 10 years old. The second and third came soon after and I played with all three for many years, finally putting her to rest when I was fourteen and going to high school. But I was reluctant and sad to do so. Those three girls were my best friends, confidants, inspiration, and badly needed company, as I grew up in a very rural area and had very few friends. No pity party, here. Just telling it like it was and how important Barbie was too me.
And talking about inspiration, Barbie™ was very pivotal when I came up with the idea of a Family Museum. Since Barbie and a few of her precious things had survived years of neglect, she took center stage, along with the kitchen set, wardrobe box, and books. (I saved Ken from a box heading for the dump). Her original clothes were a mess and just at that time, Mattel offered designer dresses without having to purchase new dolls, so I picked out three outfits and happily dressed them in their new fashions. Unfortunately, the dresses did not fit my Barbie’s, whose upper body is broader than today’s Barbie dolls, but that didn’t impede me from fastening the dresses, even the shoes, and then proudly displaying them in our Family Museum.      
I just received in today’s mail my Barbie Collection Summer 2015 catalog. On page 5, Welcome Home, Willows, WI™ Collection tells this story: “Before Barbie™ took Malibu by storm and became the quintessential California girl, she grew up in the small town of Willows, Wisconsin – a place filled with friendly neighbors, white picket fences and endless blue skies. This new series pays tribute to the nostalgia of Barbie doll’s hometown and her rich heritage.” http://www.barbiecollector.com//                                                                
On page 7, there is a story titled, LIFE BEFORE THE DREAMHOUSE written by Bill Greening, Principal Designer and a digital scrapbook to explore at http://www.thebarbiecollection.com/willows
A truly cultural icon, Barbie™ continues to celebrate a rich heritage and continues to inspire and encourage each new generation, just as your Family Museum should celebrate your heritage.


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