Friday, June 27, 2014

Thanks for the Memories - Wedding Plans, con't

After thoughts: It seems that soon after I posted my last entry, I think of things I should have included. That evening, my family and I watched one of our favorite movies – “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” That’s when it dawned on me that I should have added that to the Wedding Plan post, as well as another very apropos movie, “Father of the Bride.”

In “Greek Wedding,” the scene when the bridesmaid dresses are revealed is hilarious. How many weddings did you stand up for where you dislike the dress?  I remember having to wear a mint green high-waist chiffon gown for a friend’s wedding. I was taller and skinner then the other bridesmaids and the dress just didn’t fit. But I wore it none-the-less and promptly donated it afterward. And the scenes of the gregarious Greek family imparting their wisdom and advice was so familiar to me being from an Italian family.

From, “Father of the Bride,” the scene where the bride’s father checks on his daughter sleeping on the living room couch, bride magazines scattered about with notes on ‘how to make your own cake’ and ‘get a friend to take the pictures’. That convinced dad to hire the wedding consultant.

There are many other movies that showcase the frustrated bride and groom and all the hurdles they deal with while planning their wedding. Never-the-less, whatever is planned and how it turns out, everyone will have a good time. And when you are invited to a wedding, whisper into the couple’s ear to have them remember to save the little things. If they ask you why, tell them that all their memories belong in the Family Museum they can start the day after they are wed.

Congratulations to all you new Brides & Grooms. May your marriage be a happy and long one.   

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