Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Remembering Barbie . . .

This story was first posted on this day in 2015. I never want to stop sharing my thoughts about my beloved friend Barbie, so please allow me to repeat these words. Thank you.

Today would have been my cherished, loved and treasured friend, Barbie’s 58th birthday had she not passed away five years ago and much too soon.

I met Barbie in 1982 at a fund-raising event at the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, FL.  For the next 30 years we had a friendship that was sisterly. I could fill up more than 30 pages telling of the many events that we shared together, but I rather do so with pictures. And you may ask, what does this recalling have to do with a Family Museum? A great deal. You see, if I did not display the many gifts she has given me over the years in our museum, Barbie may not come to mind as often as she does. And that is why having a Family Museum is important – the precious items displayed there keep memories alive! So here is my tribute to Barbie, telling a little about her through her pictures and some of her gifts of love.

Vintage 1970s Goebel frosted glass donkey. Made a nice paperweight. 

Vintage 1970s hand-blown lavender perfume bottle. Tiny and fragile, its beauty is everlasting, like Barbie's. 

Kokopelli, a traveling flute-playing Casanova sacred to southwestern Native Americans. I often wondered why she gave me this. So I researched this Hopi and found out that he is a symbol of fertility, replenishment, music, dance & mischief. The only relation I can see is the mischief part, because we did get into a lot of mischiefAnd this Wooden 4” Pinocchio statue amuses me. Barbie was an avid Walt Disney Fan. With her family, they went there every year!
One on of her many visits, Barbie brought me this stunning vintage Red Viking Epic Glass Crimped Bowl. She knew I loved red bowls, so she gave me this one. No matter where I place it, the sun lights its ruby-red beauty, just like the beauty that was always in Barbie's heart.
The last Christmas my family and I spent with her, we went to Busch Gardens where in December the park is turned into a magical Christmas Town. The park has many forms of entertainment, and one that Barbie adored; the horse stables. Barbie loved horses and rode as often as she could. She also dearly loved the many pets she had, especially her dog, Benji. Here are a few more pictures of my family wither that Christmas.
 Tiffeni, me & Barbie at Busch Gardens. On the red bench is my hubby Keith with Barbie. These two would talk about sports, science & business.
Keith loved Barbie very much.
Once a tiny bush, Barbie gave it to us and we planted it while our house was under construction in 1996. By 2011, the bush outgrew her.
Barbie tried her hand at many forms of art: she play the guitar, learned how to play the harp, and took painting lessons. This is the only copy of a watercolor she did. Barbie loved the sea shore. She went dolphin-watching, saved turtles and volunteered at the Atlanta Aquarium. What a gal! 

Though I will always cherish these gifts and proudly display them in our Family Museum, I’d much rather have her by my side. I miss her terribly, but at least I have her gifts of love.



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Linda Reed Friedman, ASID said...

Great idea for everyone. We have recently openned our boxes of memorabilia and it is fun. Fun. Fun. But, most of all it is centering and foundational.