Friday, March 31, 2017

Think out of the Box

Where did the time go, I ask myself when I checked out my last post was over a month ago.  However, though I have good reasons why I have been so remiss in blogging, time is of the essence, therefore, I will not take up the time and words to explain accept I will blog more during April. For now, how is your spring cleaning going? When winter is over, it is pretty much a tradition to start freshening up your abode, this includes those disorganized closets and storage areas that are possibly stuffed with family heirlooms, keepsakes, and other treasures we all hold onto to. It is also a dangerous time for those memories if they are tossed away in the sake of organization. So before you commit to this personal crime, here are several ideas you may consider as a place to store, keep, display and protect your family heritage.

If locating your Family Museum in your home is impossible, especially if display space is out of the question, where and what kind of space can you locate your museum? Here are a few solutions to this quandary, albeit unconventional. 
I have a cousin in California whose house is much too small for a museum. So he purchased a private mausoleum close to his home.  He put in a desk and a comfy chair, installed some shelves, placed a rug on the floor and a lamp on the desk. He placed his family heirlooms, photo albums and important papers, keeping them all safe and secure. Now he has a place he can call his Family Museum.   

Another idea would be a small storefront. This would be a great place for collectors who may have amassed a large collection such as trains or dolls or artworks. Depending on the size and substance of the content, perhaps this could be turned into an exhibit opened to the public and a small entrance fee required that would help pay the rent and possibly encourage other people to do the same by turning their collections into a Family Museum for many to enjoy.

And there is also the self-storage units that come in all sizes and are available 24/7 to the renter.
There is also the possibility of a family coming together and in one home, where there is enough room (such as a guestroom) the families can come together to create their communal Family Museum for all to share in and enjoy.

Or even this idea: the family gets together and purchases one of those tiny houses and locates it where it is convenient for the family to display their heirlooms and to visit. Not only is this a great way to come together often, it gives the family a sense of gratitude to know that they all care about the family history by protecting its heritage.
So think out of box and take those boxes of heirlooms to a better place. Be creative! Have fun!


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