Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas Memories . . . The Music

Christmas time is here,
Happiness and cheer,
Fun for all that children call,
Their favorite time of the year.
Snowflakes in the air,
Carols everywhere,
Olden times and ancient rhymes,
Of love and dreams to share.
Sleigh bells in the air,
Beauty everywhere,
Yuletide by the fireside,
And joyful memories there.
Christmas time is here,
We'll be drawing near,
Oh, that we could always see,
Such spirit through the year.
Oh, that we could always see,
Such spirit through the year...  
What is it about Christmas and all the other spiritual, sacred, holy, and secular holidays that conjure up memories? However your memories are created they will be remembered. And more so if they are preserved in your Family Museum. So this month, my posts will cover as many of the holiday does  and doing as I can write about, be it decorating the home, finding that perfect present, setting the table with glorious foods, and making toasts for the New Year.


Today will be music, because if anything can set the mood, it’s music. And because we are nostalgic at heart, our family loves traditional music.  Many of course are records, or as some call them, vinyls. Most of these records date from the late 1960s and sound perfectly fine to us. For example,  Dean Martin, Doris Day, Any Williams, Robert Goulet, Steve & Edie, and Tchaikovsky Nutcracker Ballet. When we decorate the tree, by time the music from the Nutcracker is done playing, so is the tree.  There is something so very sentimental about Doris Day singing toy land, Steve & Edie makes you feel like you     are really on a sleigh ride, and when the day is through, snuggle up as you watch the dancing flames in the fireplace because ‘baby, it’s cold outside.’ And just as much as we enjoy the old-fashioned music, we like the music from Home Alone. Its rick-n-roll makes me want to dance.
What’s your favorite holiday music?
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