Thursday, February 12, 2015

Happy Birthday!

Today is my husband, Keith, 65th Birthday. When he woke up this morning, he said he looks just as good as he did yesterday. And he’s right! Today is also President Lincoln’s Birthday. FYI, here are seven little-known facts about Honest Abe: 
1. Lincoln ran for U.S. Senate 
    twice (1854 & 1858) but lost
    both times.  
2. He served in the Illinois General
    Assembly as a member of the Whig Party before he joined 
    the newly formed Republican Party.  
3. He didn't win a single Southern state in his 1860 presidential
4. He established the country's first income tax.
5. He re-structured his second inaugural address just before
     delivering the speech by literally cutting and pasting it into a
     new format.
6. He is estimated to have only received a total of 18 months of
     formal education. 
7. Before he was president, he was an attorney and lobbyist for
     the Illinois Central Railroad.

Lincoln and Keith have many similarities. First and foremost, both are Humanitarians, altruistic and compassionate. They care about community and mankind, concerned with the good of all than the good of one. They march to the sound of their own off-beat drum, and dare to go where the rest of us wouldn't even have the vision to see, revolutionizing itself towards its own new utopia. Keith always felt it an honor to be born on the same day as Lincoln. And when he was little, he thought everyone was celebrating his birthday because kids got the day off from school!
Keith’s mom was very fond of Lincoln. She said he was her favorite President, and that is saying something because she lived to be 104 years old and had seen a lot of presidents. So when Keith was born on Lincoln’s Birthday, she was thrilled. And many a birthday cake she made him always had this little china Log Cabin and log with ax on top of his cake.  
His mom also had this picture of Lincoln with
his son “Tad” hanging in her bedroom. One
day I found the same picture and Keith has it
hanging in his office. Like Lincoln, Keith is a
wonderful father and loves spending time with
 his son Charlie and daughter Tiffeni.
So here’s to my husband and wishing him a marvelous birthday!
Happy Birthday Honey


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