Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Birthdays . . .

Last week Thursday was my birthday. I always said that someday I would go to Paris to celebrate my day because they have fireworks and more, commemorating Bastille Day. But alas, I did not go to Paris, but I had a love time celebrating my day with my family and friends. We went out to dinner and while waiting for our food, I opened my presents. Lots of books, including this cook book. Can’t wait to try out the new recipes.

So what do birthdays have to do with a Family Museum? Plenty! When I look into our museum, I see a few precious birthday present’s given to me. It really is a wonder that I still have them.  Here is one of the earliest pictures of me sitting at the head of the table for my third birthday. There is another picture of the part and I am holding a white stuffed kitty, but this critter is long gone.
As I grew older I guess jewelry was the gift to give, so I received a blue rhinestone pin of a ballerina, and charm bracelet spelling out July, and a watch. All of these pieces are in a shadow bow with an assortment of trinkets.  
 I loved paper dolls and the Lennon Sisters were my favorite; 4 dolls and lots of clothes kept me entertained for hours. I love Nancy Drew Mysteries and when I was about 12 year old, was given my first book. Now I have a good collections of her books, movies, even a jigsaw puzzle.  That was a real challenge.
Talking about challenges, the hardest one I have had is coping with the far-to early passing of my dear friend Barbie, who would have been 57 years today. So I take a moment on this day to send her a birthday wish, hoping that she is at peace.
And as a tribute to her, Barbie was with me when I went up into my attic to find all the boxed stuff that eventually made it into our Family Museum. When she asked me what was I going to do with all that stuff, I jokingly said, “Maybe I should put together a family museum.” The rest is history, our history, and you and your family should be saving and displaying your history, too.

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